NOVA 4e DnD Group

Session 1

The gilded lady inn sits at the base of the Thunder Peaks between Highmoon and Winterhaven. The group has individually arrived here and are having some drinks or otherwise sitting around when a group of men burst through the front doors. The men quickly block the exits and confront a man (Gevarn) sitting in the corner or the bar. As the men become angered and start to threaten the Gevarn with violence Crudak takes it upon himself to smash one of them in the face with a beer bottle. The rest of the group quickly reacts and soon the bar is in an all out brawl, except for Torinn who stood in one place the entire time and didn’t do a whole lot. Kethan’s attempts at subduing the ruffians was unsuccessful as the butt of his dagger proved to be just as lethal as the blade.

Once the thugs were killed off the team talked to Gevarn who told them of a cult he suspected is present in Winterhaven and pleaded with the group to head there and save the town. After some discussion the decision was made to head to Winterhaven. While there they entered into the pub and talked to a few of the local townspeople who told them about a dragon burial site and a cave where they suspect the cult may be hiding. Other members of the town either don’t believe in the cult or have suspicions about others (It was suggest by Ninran that Valthrun is a member of the cult.

Kethan was confronted by one of the towns shopkeepers Bairwin who gave him a +1 dagger and hinted at having some knowledge of a cult. Kethan decided not to dig further and left the shop.

The group eventually head to the nearby cave and killed off a bunch of kobolds hanging around outside. Behind the waterfall they can just make out the entrance of a cave.



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