NOVA 4e DnD Group


The team started by confronting slug, a prisoner of the goblins. Splug claimed to be left in the dungeon by some friends and captured by the cultists. Splug tried to convince the team to let him free in exchange for information about the dungeon. A small map was drawn for the group but the decision was made to leave slug in the jail cell until after they cleared out some other rooms.

The next room they entered (while slug protested loudly, shouting something about a secret passage) was filled with guards and a chubby goblin name Balgron. The goblin guards weren’t much of a challenge for e group but Balgron was able to sneak behind some curtains out of view. Seconds later the curtains were breached by the team but Balgron was nowhere to be found. The 2×4 room where Balgron disappeared was searched thoroughly with no sign of secret passage of secret door. A chest in the room was also worked on but was never successfully opened. Frustrated the group decided to rest for a while.

After the rest Splug was let go without anyone asking for details about the secret passage.

An excavation site was stumbled upon and some goblins with guard drakes were eliminated. A few gold coins and a amulet was found in the excavation site area.



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